Currently I`m in the middle of developing a new game. It will be a sports game with multitouch input and self sampled sound assets. Technically this will be a huge step foreward as it uses direct GPU drawing for far better performance.
MCJ will get an update too. As I had the chance to test it on more devices it became clear that the user interface is way to small on some high density displays.

Magic Color Jewels – v1.1.0

Writing the achievement system took a bit more time than expected, but it´s finally done.

These are
the 7 achievements of Magic Color Jewels

  • Addict – total games played
  • Brainstorm – jewels at once
  • Collector – total jewels collected
  • Inspector – cleared level with x moves left
  • Marathon – games in a row
  • Mastermind – reached level
  • UberScore – own highscore beaten x times


MCJ v1.1.0 changelog:

  • brand new achievement system
  • performance tweaks
  • bug-fixes
  • extended menu
  • all new start menu
  • optimised ad-space



A little preview of Magic Color Jewels (MCJ):

I´m figuring out what could make MCJ even a bit better. Sometimes, the answer seems quite clear: achievements!
For the beginning, there will be a hand full of them, which will be hard to beat!
The achievement system I´m developing right now is going to be expandable. So probably more achievements are going to follow!
There will also be small tweaks to the UI and the whole game here and there, the update will definitely be worth it!

Magic Color Jewels – for Android

I´m happy to announce, after a few weeks with less sleep but much coffee, the first game release!
The official title ist “magic color jewels“, which kind of describes the game, but is also in regard to some common used search-keywords.
It´s actually a remake with some extensions (and more to come) of one of my favourite homebrew puzzle games.
I spent a lot of time enjoing this game!

Leave comments or send me a mail for feature requests, bug reports, or what else comes into your mind!
Get it on Google Play

work in progress…

The first game currently in development is a classic casual puzzle game. It´s goal is to colorize all gems, bubbles, or jewels to the same color. You have only a limited amount of moves, of course ;)
The more tiles you get at once, the more points you will get. It’s simple, yet addictive.
If you are into puzzle-games, then this is for you!
More game modes might be added later, like score attack or time attack.
A public beta will be released on this site before google-play release, so stay tuned!

Hello world!

Welcome to anglerfish games!
This site is dedicated to keep you informed about latest development and future releases.
Target platforms will be Android and iOS.
Current task is to get the publishing process set up for the first game, which will be announced soon!